AMA Karate Kata Rules Amendment

Dear AMA Members
Please note: The WUKF children's kata rules below. to be used
at the selections on 24th July in Bury.

The 14 years and under kata rules (WUKF) there are exceptions for Shotokan Kata (Gojushiho Dai/Sho and Unsu) and Shito Ryu Kata (Ciantanyara Kushanku, Anan, Unshu, Superimpei and Gojushiho). These katas are not permitted for the childrens divisions 14yrs and under.
Age 15 and above are the same as the senior rules and may inlude all the Kata's off the WUKF list.
Divisions which include 13 & 14yrs  i.e 13yrs to 17yrs will compete as the Snrs rules. The above Katas are then permitted in these categories by the 13 to 14yrs old students.
The Kata selections on 24th July will be as the full listed WUKF rules.
Kind regards
Peter Allen

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