WUKF Results

Day 1. Kata & Teams.

Sam Collinson wins Silver in the Children's Brown to Black Belt Kata.

Jack Dixon, Melissa Holmes, James Allen and Amy Wright-Hamilton all through to Sundays Jnr Finals in their respected Kata categories.

Female Jnr Kumite team are in the Final on Sunday in the Rotation Ippon. They also secured a Bronze in the Sanbon team Kumite missing out on the final.

Day 2. Ind Kumite & Team Kumite 

Faith Brown wins Bronze in the Girls 6-8yrs under 6th kyu event. Adam Craven wins Bronze in the 13-14yrs Boys Kumite.

Sam Ernst, James Allen and Amy Wright-Hamilton make the Kumite finals.

Day 3. All Finals.

Jack Dixon Gold Male Snr Shotokan Kata.

 Sam Ernst Gold 15-17yrs Kumite.

Ladies Team Kumite Ippon Gold, Melissa Holmes, Amy Wright Hamilton and Hannah Johnson.

James Allen Bronze in his others Kata 18-20yrs and Silver in his Individual.

Amy Wright-Hamilton Silver in Wadoryu Kata and her Individual.

Melissa Holmes Bronze in 18-20yrs Shitoryu Kata.

Bronze in the Ladies Team Sanbon, Melissa Holmes, Amy Wright-Hamilton and Hannah Johnson, Bethany Aldridge was reserve. 

 Total Meadls: 3 Gold - 4 Silver & 5 Bronze

The AMA finished 12th in the medals table. This was our first WUKF children's, Cadets and Jnrs World championships.

congratulations to all the squad and the supporters over the weeks stay and a special best wishes to Luke Johnson, 'get well soon' 





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