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2nd Karate Unification Meeting

Dear AMA Members

Since the Karate Unification talks have started again and we published that the AMA had been involved in this process, our office has been overwhelmed with calls regarding this matter.

All we are able to publish at this stage is a brief statement from our General Secretary below:

The 2nd Karate Unification meeting will be on 16th December in London at the SRA office's. Peter Allen & Mark Drake will be attending on behalf of the AMA.

The unification process has started, a new governing body structure will be discussed and hopfully agreed by the Karate groups present. If agreed this will then be put to Sport England and hopefully accepted by them. A date for unification would then be given to our members.

 It would be most welcome and long overdue for all our members. One of the many reasons, how the AMA clubs would benifit from this unification process is, that they would be able to work towards and achieve Sport Englands clubmark, which would then form part of our continual development in coaching and good practice within the AMA. 

 A report will follow this meeting to our AMA members


AMA Admin

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