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EduCare for Sport is designed to help you ensure that your club or leisure outlet is always fully up to date on all essential areas of duty of care from safeguarding children and young people and vulnerable adults, through to safe food preparation and handling, and secure premises.

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EduCare for Sport is an online learning service providing essential duty of care and safeguarding information to help keep your club safe, secure and legally compliant. It provides your staff, volunteers and members access to 10 online learning programmes covering key duty of care and safeguarding topics and will support the running and governance of your sports club.

There's an extensive range of programmes available, including child protection awareness, preventing bullying behaviour, safer recruitment, equality and diversity, and many more.

NSPCC child protection awareness in sport and active leisure
Child Protection Awareness

This EduCare programme is written by the NSPCC for anyone who comes into contact with children, young people and their parents or carers through their work or volunteer activity in a sports or active leisure setting. It provides an excellent introduction to safeguarding children and young people and will help you to recognise the early warning signs of possible abuse and provides guidance on what can be done to prevent children and young people suffering from abuse.

NSPCC preventing bullying behaviour
Preventing Bullying Behaviour

Written by the NSPCC, this programme covers what bullying is and its effects, why some children bully, your responsibilities, reporting your concerns and creating an anti-bullying policy and culture.

Protecting vulnerable adults
Protecting Vulnerable Adults

Protecting vulnerable adults is both a moral responsibility and a legal duty of care. This programme, produced with a consortium of subject experts, is essential for anyone who comes into contact with vulnerable adults through their work or voluntary activities. It provides the key information you need to protect vulnerable adults in your care including: what abuse is, the key signs and indicators of abuse, people who may pose a threat, and most importantly, what to do if you suspect someone is being, or has been, abused.

NSPCC safer recruitment

This EduCare programme looks at what you need to do to ensure you protect children and young people from unsuitable people who might apply to join your organisation. It takes participants right through the recruitment process, from planning prior to recruitment to maintaining awareness and vigilance once the new recruit is a member of your organisation.

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